Demo & Dine

Demo & Dine


The Demo & Dine starts with a 20-minute cooking demonstration on how to make potato gnocchi from scratch. After the demonstration, you’ll be treated to our grand opening 4-course dinner menu at Forrest, A Food Studio.


Tortelloni of Duck Sausage

savory pumpkin, brûlée cipollini, hazelnut, chives

Citrus Seared Snapper

yuzu citrus, white beans, caramelized peppers, charred scallion, crispy cauliflower

Bourbon Stout Short-Rib

carrot-ginger puree, hericot vert, potato gnocchi

Caramel Apple Fudge Cake

caramel apple butter, chocolate mousse, pumpkin seed brittle


Reserve Your Plate!

Alcoholic beverages are available for additional purchase. All major credit/debit cards and apple pay are accepted.